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Ceramic frits

*if you buy less than 10 kg there is 15% price increase


Frit type COE
Recommended firing temperature Price for 1 kg (leva)
with VAT
Fr 003 Effect frit 110 920 -1000 4.80
Fr 009 Zirkonium frit 60 975 - 1100 4.15
- Lead-free flux 99 750 - 850 3.15
Fr 007 Lead-free frit 56 980 - 1100 3.15
Effect frit. Suitable for for effect artistic glazes - avanturine, raku, crackle, etc.
Lead-free flux. Usualy it is used as an addition in the recipes with other frits. It decreases the firing temperature and it increases the COE of the glazes. It is difficult to be milled on its own. Especially in wet milling.
Lead-free transparent frit. Recommended firing temperature 980-1100°C. Adding kaolin during milling 4-12% - this is determined by firing temperature, clay type, etc. The frit is suitable for products made from red and white body with COE a20-500°C= 54-70·10-7K-1. In case of lower firing temperature or thicker glaze layer the glaze can more or less loose its transparency.
If needed it is recommended addition of 5-15% lead-free flux for lowering the firing temperature.
It can be coloured with 1-6% ceramic colour stains (pigments).
All prices are in leva with VAT !